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You might be wondering how the Mersey-maids ended up in the River Mersey. It’s a long story, I might tell you the full history one day. But put simply they migrated a long time of ago from the Baltic Sea to escape the persecution of the Russian sailors. They had heard that the humans from Liverpool were very friendly so they made their way across very dangerous seas and finally arrived and made the Mersey their home. You might see them from time to time just by the Baltic Triangle this where it derived its name from. They were proven right the sides of the Mersey were very friendly. They now live in secret, in underground tunnels, that is hollowed out of sandstone. You can hear them singing from time to time you just have to stop and listen really hard

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Nude Figure

She is unique and handmade from clay. The step is finished with my original red glaze her body and hair are finished with oxides wiped back.
She is feeling a little melancholy but also thoughtful.

approx height 8″
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She was born on the River Mersey and came onto the land in a place called The Baltic Triangle.
They are very special mermaids called Merseymaids unique to Merseyside, Liverpool.
They are all original and always love the people they mix with, as long as you look after them very well.
Her name is Star due to her best friends being starfish.

Height approx 8″
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Pointy Pot Collection

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Decided To Revisit The Three Graces

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